Purchasing your Velocity Chain Maintenance System


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* If your engine displacement is 800cc or larger... 

The system accommodates any chain up to a maximum pin-end to pin-end width of: 22.25mm [.876" or @7/8"] 

Please: Measure the 'pin-end' to 'pin-end'  link-width of your chain... (Doing so will insure your chain will easily flow-through the tool ! )

The majority of sealed 520/525 chain or anything smaller will flow-through the system and most 530 chain without extra-large seals will flow-through... 

There are differences in chain design and manufacture that may affect the width of the link, such as seal size, pin length and inner and outer plate thicknesses...  Any chain-size that will to pass-through the tool is good to go... And the included Bicycle Chain Adapter optimizes the alignment of the tool on very small chains.

Also... Please measure the distance between the bottom of your swing-arm to the chain... you will need @ 2.00-3.00"  or (51- 76mm ) clearance. (To learn about chain design and components see our Chain Links page)

** After reviewing the important note above and you find your chain is too wide to fit the system, please rest assured that we are working on a version of Velocity that will accommodate wider 'O'-ring and 'X' &' Z'-ring sealed chains as well as belts up to 1.75"...  

From The Chief Sprocket: 

 "Thank you for your order! ...ChainLuberSystems LLC guarantees that your order will be fulfilled promptly, within a reasonable delivery expectation or your money back... Velocity is designed for optimum efficiency on a very wide variety of motorcycle, ATV and bicycle chains. We are committed to providing products that will make your chain maintenance routine as hassle-free as possible." 

Velocity Chain Maintenance System

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