Purchasing your Velocity Chain-Care System




(If you've already read the messages below or looking to purchase the Velocity Chain Brush or other accessories alone, you can enter the ChalnLuberSystems Store here($10.95 USD + shipping)

* If your engine displacement is 800cc or larger... 

The system accommodates any chain up to a maximum pin-end to pin-end width of: 23.8mm [.94" or 15/16"] 

Please: Measure the 'pin-end' to 'pin-end'  link-width of your chain... If your motorcycle displacement is 800cc or larger, measure the link width! Doing so will insure your chain will flow-through the tool... The majority of sealed 520/525 chain and 530 chains without extra-large seals will flow-through the system... 

There are differences in chain design and manufacture that may affect the width of the link, such as seal size, pin length and inner and outer plate thicknesses...  Any chain-size that will to pass-through the tool is good to go... And the included Bicycle Chain Adapter optimizes the alignment of the tool on very small chains.

* Velocity Chain Brush will work on all sizes of 530 chains.

If your chain is good to go, enter the store here

If you find your chain is too wide:

Here is something to consider... 

When you replace your chain, you can replace it with one that will run through Velocity… Spending more money on an OEM chain does not necessarily guarantee better life-span/performance…

Most OEM chains are over-kill… They take into consideration, the fact that most folks don’t maintain their chains. So because of this behavior pattern, they install chains that will not prematurely fail out of reasonable neglect among other things… 530 chains come in a variety of link widths and most all these are very capable of handling the power of larger displacement motorcycles and easily matching the reliability and durability of the OEM spec’d chain (this being enhanced when using Velocity and dependent on the use scenario)... Even some 525 sized chain will give you the same reliability and durability of a 530 chain on the same engine size (depending on the use profile). Many high-performance racing motorcycles use 525 chain for the performance gains due to less weight.  

(To learn about chain design and components see our Chain Links page)

** After reviewing the important note above and you find your chain is too wide to fit the system, please rest assured that we are working on a version of Velocity that will accommodate wider 'O'-ring and 'X' &' Z'-ring sealed chains as well as belts up to 1.75"...  *Please send us a note here, so that we can track demand for this product version, which will provide needed marketing viability data.

From The Chief Sprocket: 

"... Velocity is designed for optimum efficiency on a very wide variety of motorcycle chains. We are committed to providing products that will make your chain care routine as hassle-free as possible... The convenience of using Velocity will enhance your motorcycle experience by saving you time and money, getting you on the road to better performance..."

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